Mayor Gale Katchur has spoken out about the expansion proposed for Veterans Way.

Katchur was one of two members of city council who opposed the bylaw to borrow the $5 million it would take for the project. The other member was councillor Jibs Abitoye.

However, with the majority voting for the expansion, Katchur says it's likely a loan will be taken out.

"[Council] believes [the expansion is] necessary and required, so I'll be respectful of the vote," Katchur said.

Katchur added that she's not opposed to the expansion itself, but rather where the funding comes from.

"This is a project that is on the Edmonton Metropolitan priority," Katchur said. "I believe because this project supports people getting into Edmonton and Sturgeon County, the provincial government should be providing funding for this because it is a top priority."

Despite her preferring a grant rather than a loan, Katchur says she wouldn't call taking out a loan a 'downside'.

"Anytime you take out debt, you're reducing the amount of debt capacity we have for future projects."

Until the bylaw's final reading, opponents of the project have the option to organize a petition, which must be submitted to the city manager before March 17.