Mayor Gale Katchur is looking forward to another busy year in Fort Saskatchewan.

Several months of 2021 were tied up with the federal and local elections. However, she did note there was a lot of new development during the year and the city had a big focus on diversity and inclusivity.

Some of the highlights were Dow's announcement about their net-zero carbon expansion project, getting the integrated regional transportation master plan approved and the many meetings between the city and elders to talk about Truth and Reconciliation.

"Overall 2021, although a challenge, there was a lot of positives that came out of it and a lot of excitement that's going to happen in our community."

Looking towards the new year, Katchur noted everyone is hoping to see the pandemic finally start to wind down. She personally is hoping to see the new council get to return to the council chambers, as this council hasn't had the chance since being elected.

There are a lot of big projects expected to be completed in 2022. One of these is the Heartland Housing Project which broke ground in May. The 83-unit building will be designed to provide affordable housing to families and individuals.

One of Katchur's biggest priorities is to see the completion of the Highway 15 bridge.

"Hopefully the opening will be in September or October of 2022. That's going to cause a lot of excitement in this community, as we will finally have the road completely twinned from Fort Saskatchewan to north Edmonton."

This year will also see Dow progress on their plan to build and expand, which is expected to put a lot of focus on their area.

Lastly, council is going to be discussing their strategic plan for the next four years so they can make some concrete decisions around the future of Fort Saskatchewan. They are going to be looking for engagement with the public to ensure the plans reflect the needs and wants of the community.