Phase two of the Fort Saskatchewan transfer station is now complete. 

This phase includes the eco station, which is now separate from the rest of the transfer station. 

"Users will visit this portion of the site to drop off items like electronics, recyclables, used oil, batteries, and tires," said Sadie Miller, the waste program supervisor for Fort Saskatchewan. "The eco-station services have always been a part of the transfer station but we have chosen to separate them out for a couple of reasons." 

"We have expanded our footprint, so over time we will be looking to introduce services and recycling opportunities for the community to take advantage of."  

Changes also included a more effective way to charge users of the site. 

"We now have a scale so we're able to charge users by the weight of their garbage materials rather than the volume," said Miller. 

Though construction is mostly complete, the station isn't quite ready to open to the public. 

"We're just doing some final touches on the eco-station side of the site," said Miller. "We're expecting to open the full site to the public in mid-December." 

Once the site does open, there will still be a bit of work that will get done, but nothing too disruptive. 

The city plans to officially celebrate the opening of the site sometime in the Spring.