While other communities are trying to get rid of urban coyotes, some residents of Fort Saskatchewan have decided to embrace them.

As sightings become more common in the city it was only a matter of time before their shenanigans would end up on Facebook. 

Yep, our coyotes are online. Instead of us following their activity around Fort Saskatchewan, we can literally follow them on social media. Only now, they can follow us back.

With nearly 300 followers and growing, you can now see the city from our furry friend's perspective.

From hunting tips from "Reggie" and pics of "Kyle" crushing his fitness goals on the paths by the Fort Heritage Precinct, it’s a day in the life of these coyotes that have residents checking in during their coffee breaks.

With a mission statement like "Catch people doing people things, then publish for the world," it sounds like no resident is safe from their cameras.

As for harassing local pets, Fort Sask Coyotes did say that would be up for discussion at their next AGM. 

Members of the Fort Sask Coyotes group were unavailable for comment at this time. Keep up with the group by searching Fort Sask Coyotes on Facebook.