Kelsey Rocque has had a great 2015.  She started the year winning Junior Provincials, then the Canadian Junior Championships.  A win there took her to the World Juniors in Estonia in March.  Her squad went undefeated the entire bonspiel.  That title was her second back to back win at the World Juniors, making her the first Canadian female to win the World Juniors twice and only the second female in the world to do so.  But that wasn't the end of her season.  She and a team mate left for Ontario to represent the University of Alberta and faced British Columbia in the final.  Rocque came out on top, a first for the University and was named the Female Athlete of the Year award with the U of A.

Rocque now lives in Edmonton and is pursuing an education at the University of Alberta in Recreation Sports Therapy.  She trains at the Saville Center in Edmonton, which is the National Training Center for curling in Canada.  Rocque joined up with a new team in the off season and now competes in the women's circuit.

Only 21 years old, Rocque has already travelled more than most.  She calls Estonia "the coolest place" she has ever gone.  Travelling, training, curling, completing school and having fun is a tough balancing act.  Rocque says the hard work, stress and juggling is all worth it.  She leans on her support system made of family and friends.  Her friends make an effort to try and travel to events and her parents have been to every single location.

The 2015-2016 season is underway and Rocque's team is now playing the top curlers in the world.  Rocque estimates that players elevate their game 10-15% from the junior ranks to the professional level.  She had to go back to basics; change her delivery and become more strategic.  Being on the women's circuit brings new challenges, such as curling in a live broadcast against Olympians like Jennifer Jones.  "It's something you (have) to get used to, but I think our team is doing pretty well with it and you try and ignore that all of Canada is watching your game".

No matter where Kelsey ends up, Fort Saskatchewan is always proud of her.