Eight teams from Fort Saskatchewan played at the FC Memorial Cup, with five of them bringing home medals.

On the last weekend of January, the U11 (Davis) girls, U9 (Shand) boys, U15 (Hall) girls, U13 (Grosseth) boys, U11 (Shadn) boys, U9 (Hansen) boys, U13 (DeVolder) girls, and the U13 (Wescott) girls all played in the tournament. 

The U11 girls were the ones who took home the gold, winning 5-0 on their first game against Horse Hill Gladstone. In their next game against the Aldergrove Avalanche, the Arsenals won 3-0. In their final game against Beaumont Villeneuve, only one goal was scored against the Arsenals, ending in a score of 4-1. 

"This is the second gold medal for the girls after earning a gold medal in the polar cup that took place over Christmas break," said Kelly Yanch, president of Fort Sask Soccer.

The U9 boys lost their first game 5-0 against Horse Hill Gladstone. Their second game against the Lightning Bolts ended in a 2-2 tie. They played against the Bolts again, coming on top with a 3-0 win. However, in their final game against Horse Hill, they lost 3-0, bringing home silver.

The U13 boys also took home silver, tying their first game and losing their second before coming back around and winning 4-1 over Spruce Grove.

The U11 boys started strong with a 4-1 win over the Spruce Grove Knights before tying against St. Paul 2-2 and losing against Lewis Estates 2-1. 

Lastly, the U15 girls were the final team to take home the silver, tying their first game and winning their second. On their final game, team coach Rob dressed up as a clown as he watched their gold medal match.

"The girls took on Lewis Estates and despite their hard work, they lost 2-0 but walked away from the tournament with a well-deserved silver medal," Yanch said.

The U9 boys and two U13 girl teams also played good tournaments but came up just short of medalling.