A challenge that has taken the internet by storm has made its way to the heartland. 

In honour of the late Betty White, who passed away on Dec.31 and was an avid animal lover, people are being challenged to donate $5 to their local animal shelter on Jan.17; White's would-have-been 100th birthday. 

One local organization that stands to benefit from the challenge is the Alberta Homeward Hound Bureau, which serves the greater Edmonton area, including Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, and surrounding areas. In early December, they were also the subject of a fundraiser organized by seven-year-old Aurora Cockerill.  

The rescue organization was formed about three years ago and is volunteer-based, meaning they don’t have their own facility and adoptees are placed into foster homes.  

“Our goal is always to rescue as many dogs as we possibly can and to continue growing when it comes to fundraisers and funds,” explained Cassidy Cooper, fundraising coordinator for the Alberta Homeward Hound Rescue Bureau. 

When asked about the Betty White Challenge, Cooper said she’d seen the challenge make its rounds on social media and hopes to see plenty of e-transfers on White’s birthday. She explained that even a donation of $5 can go a long way toward medications, vet bills, beds and food. 

While many companies help out with material goods, the bill at the vet for rescue dogs can rack up fast. 

“There seems to be a lot of dogs who have needed a leg amputation which we all know costs so much, so there’s a variety of illnesses or specialities that we have to put the money toward,” 

Anyone interested in donating can send email transfers to payahhrb@gmail.com. Alberta Homeward Hound is always looking for more volunteers and foster homes; more details can be found on their website here