Area RCMP officers took part in this year's Polar Plunge, an initiative for the Special Olympics.

Dave Ainsworth, alongside fellow members of Strathcona County RCMP, joined the charity plunge at Lake Summerside in Edmonton at the end of January.

Ainsworth once served with the UK Special Forces and says he wasn't unfamiliar with the cold.

"We did our training in Norway. It's very much on yourself to get yourself out of the water and get dressed," Ainsworth said. "The plunge had a lot less pressure, it was a lot more fun, and they had some awesome music going."

Despite Ainsworth's experience with the cold, he said it took him almost an hour to warm back up.

"Maybe it's just being older, but I needed to have a good nap that afternoon," Ainsworth said. "You're pretty damn tired after that."

Ainsworth had considered doing the plunge for some time and decided to go to support his co-worker.

He told MIX 107 it was a worthwhile experience.

"If you do get an opportunity, stop waiting for that point where you need to build a bucket list and just start ticking them off," Ainsworth said. "It's certainly worth it. You'll be well looked after. It's amongst great people."

Overall, the plunge raised $132,992 for the Special Olympics, just under their $150,000 goal.