Travis Shewchuk was recently given an interesting opportunity.
The Fort Saskatchewan man, who owns Ravenous EFX downtown, specializes in creating and desiging props for film and television.
When someone working for the Government of Alberta's 'Covid Loves' campaign reached out to him with a proposal, he couldn't refuse.   
"It was kind of a whirlwind, we didn't have very much time," explained Shewchuk. "They gave us five days to do the whole Mr. Covidhead mask, from start to finish to pick-up."
Although the campaign organizers had a precise image in mind for Mr. Covidhead – to have him appear monstrous, but still not too scary – Shewchuk was able to insert some of his own creativity.  
With the help of his dad, Terry, they constructed the mask using foam rubbers, hard plastic undershells, resins and other materials. 
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Photo courtesy of Travis Shewchuk. 
The $2-million campaign aims to educate Albertans on how easily the COVID-19 virus spreads. With slogans such as 'Covid Loves to Party' and 'Covid Loves the Holidays,' the content becomes more relatable to those aged 20 to 39.
"We felt that it was important to add an additional tool to communicate more effectively to groups that may not have been taking our message as seriously – and to use humour, actually, to help them take the message more seriously,” said the province's chief medical officer of health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw.
"It felt kind of cool to get to do our part to be involved with the COVID awareness," added Shewchuk. "Treating it the way they did – with a little bit of humour involved in it, still keeping it serious but yet, showing how easy it is to spread the virus – the way that they pulled it off, I really enjoyed."
He is happy that the campaign is putting Fort Saskatchewan and his work at Ravenous EFX on the map, because "everyone is getting exposed to this in Alberta." 
Shewchuk also teased that he is currently working on another project for the campaign, for which he will be able to incorporate more of his own ideas. 
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