A local jeweller put a lot of smiles on the faces of hockey players earlier this month. 

Legacy Jewellers, located in downtown Fort Saskatchewan, decided to donate $12,300 worth of jewellery to girls involved in minor hockey programs. 

Omar Bakali Tahiri, the owner of Legacy Jewellers, said that the donation came from a desire to support the community and encourage girls to participate in sports. 

“We like to support local, we are a small business, a local business, and we like to give back,” said Tahiri. “There is nothing better than bringing smiles to the kids.” 

“We encourage sport, especially in hockey.” 

About 120 female hockey players gathered at the Legacy Jeweller storefront on Sept. 10 to receive a custom necklace and enjoy a BBQ. 

These weren’t any run-of-the-mill necklaces. Tahiri says that the girls received custom-designed necklaces that can only be found at their shop. 

“They were a Legacy Jewellers design,” said Tahiri. “I designed a skate pendant and a hockey stick that each came in two different colours in white and yellow and they had options to choose whatever they liked.” 

Tahiri hopes that this will encourage more girls in the community to register for hockey in Fort Saskatchewan.