A local golfer hit the shot of a lifetime over the weekend during the 2022 Mixed Open Championships at the Fort Sask Golf and Curling Club. 

Jake Letourneau, 28, has been playing golf for most of his life and was participating in the championship alongside his girlfriend. 

When they reached hole eight, he went into the tee-off shot with the aim of giving his girlfriend an easy putt. 

“I got to the hole, got the yardage which was 175 yards, and decided on a six-iron,” said Letourneau. “I thought I had to land it a little bit short and leave it just below the hole.” 

When he eventually hit the shot, there wasn’t an immediate feeling that he had struck gold. Letourneau knew it was a good shot but wasn’t thinking it was a hole-in-one. 

“As soon as I hit it I was happy with the shot,” said Letourneau. “I was thinking it was going to be on the green…I watched it land and thought it looked alright.” 

When Letourneau and his golf party went to see where it landed they hit a bit of a snag. They couldn’t find the ball. That’s when Letourneau started thinking he had hit the fabled hole-in-one. 

“Everyone started to look at me because nobody could see the ball on the green and I wasn’t seeing it,” said Letourneau. “My heart is starting to go…I got really excited and was pretty happy.” 

This was the first hole-in-one in Letourneau’s 26-year golfing career. It’s an accomplishment that seems to run in his family as his brother has more than a few under his belt. 

The shot was fantastic but it wasn’t enough to take home the championship. 

“Got too drunk after the third hole,” laughed Letourneau.