A Bev Facey football star is headed to the west coast. 

Aaron Parker has announced that he has officially committed to the University of British Columbia to play with the Thunderbirds. 

"I went there in the summer for a little cookout that they had," said Parker. "I just got a good feeling from the coaches and the whole UBC environment." 

In talking with the coaches, Parker added that he also thought he would fit in nicely with the team's style of play. 

"From what I have been told and what I know, they have a fast-paced defensive line which is where I play," said Parker. 

Obviously, a lot of the factors that went into the decision were based on football, but the fact that the school is located on the coast didn't hurt. 

"It being in BC, right in Vancouver, the climate is definitely a big selling point for that place."  

It's the first of many steps in Parker's football career. He is happy to be done with the process and to start focusing on football. 

"Before making my decision I felt like I had this weight on my shoulders," said Parker. "Committing to one place and saying I want to go there has lifted that, it feels so good." 

For now, Parker will continue to keep his grades up before eventually heading to Vancouver to participate in some spring camps. 

He plans on going into the arts before transferring to kinesiology after his first year.