The Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART) is asking for the public's help in getting more food and toys for their dogs.

HART has been overwhelmed with puppy intakes. They currently have 28 puppies in their care, all without shelter and relying on the public's help. 

"It’s heartbreaking to see the number of unwanted litters lately," wrote volunteer Christine Malon in a Facebook post.

Another volunteer, Vimy Spangler, says that an influx of puppies isn't uncommon.

"All rescues go through the same stressor this time of year because it's cold," Spangler said. "There's a real need to get pregnant females out of the cold so their babies could be born."

With the number of dogs they have, they're in desperate need of food, toys, and pee pads for their puppies.

"With puppies, we try to stay with high-quality dog food," Spangler said. "If it's open food, we have a food program. We also do trade-outs with other rescues. There's plenty of ways to support, even if it's not exactly what we're asking for."

Other ways to help HART is through cash donations, as it's the only way to pay for a dog's medical care. 

"We've got a few puppies that have the parvovirus. That's a very, very costly virus to fight."

Parvovirus is highly contagious that can cause a levy of symptoms including vomitting, fever, weight loss, and depression. 

Spangler also says that other great ways to help out include spaying and neutering your pets, as well as getting them vaccinated.

HART works with other rescues in the area, where their goal is to get dogs to foster homes.