Stuart McGowan has taken his talents outside of Fort Saskatchewan.
The local man has been directing the play Self Help for the last few months, which is currently being performed at the St. Albert Dinner Theatre. This is the fourth play McGowan's has directed and the first time being involved with the St. Albert theatre.
"It's been really good. It's interesting working with actors who I've never worked with before. They've got a very good group there," he explained, adding there are also a few actors in the cast he is familiar with from the Sheeptown Player's Society.
Self Help is a murder mystery about a married pair of second-rate theatre actors reinventing themselves as nationally renowned self-help gurus. After an accidental death, their lives unravel in a farce as they try to conceal the body and hold on to their falsely won fame.
This was the first production by the St. Albert theatre troupe back in 2011. As a nod to their 10th anniversary, the popular play was brought back
McGowan said he not only was in charge of directing but took it upon himself to figure out music and sound cues for the show as well. He learned his more hands-on approach to directing from
The show's first performance was on Nov.11, and it has been going on every weekend since. It is on its last stretch, being shown from Thursday (Nov.25) to Saturday for its final three performances.
"It's a great play; we've had a lot of wonderful feedback from people that have come to see it so far," said McGowan. "I'm very happy with it and enjoying it very much."
All three shows are at 6:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here.