Many consumers are rethinking their vehicle options due to the sky-high price at the pump.

Staff at South Fort Chevrolet say they’ve had an influx of customers looking to swap their gas-fueled vehicles for electric options, but a lack of inventory has caused some issues. 

“That’s the issue with getting any vehicle, is that there’s almost no stock on anything,” explained Aaron McWhirter, social media manager at South Fort Chevrolet. “Especially with electric vehicles, the lead time is probably six months.” 

McWhirter added the dealership is anticipating an order of electric vehicles and has set up a charging base for the cars; it’s just a matter of receiving stock.  

Despite regular gas being at $1.89 per litre, Tristian McNeil, a lube technician at South Fort, said pickup truck drivers aren’t too keen on giving up their vehicles in exchange for something with better fuel economy.  

“Some people have just picked up a cheap car to have on the side,” McNeil said.

A widespread vehicle shortage caused by chip shortages and supply chain disruptions has not only impacted stock at many dealerships but also caused a price hike. According to the AutoTrader Price Index Report, the average cost of a new vehicle is $53,000, up 17 per cent over last year. Used vehicles have seen an even higher price hike, up 38 per cent to $37,000 on average.