A trio of local bakers are set to make their television debut.
Confetti Sweet's Danielle Power and Andrea Brousseau, as well as Marilou Honrado of Cloud Cakes in Edmonton, are set to make their debut on the Food Network Canada's competitive baking series The Big Bake.
Their journey onto the Food Network began when a casting company reached out to them on social media, asking them to apply for the show.

In order to be featured, the pair needed a third member to join their team, which is when Power said they reached out to Honrado, the owner of Cloud Cakes.
After sending in their application, along with photos of their cakes, the trio did some Zoom interviews, and within the first few days of January this year, they found out they were going to be on the show.
"We were kind of shocked because we didn't really think that—we just assumed thousands and thousands of people apply to be on the show, and we never thought that we'd be selected."
Once the initial shock wore off, it turned into excitement.
Each episode of the Big Bake features a different theme, with the trio receiving "Love at First Fright," mixing concepts of love and Halloween.
As the name implies, the cakes for the competition have to be big, the minimum height a cake can be is 4.5 feet tall.
"[It] needs to be three feet wide, and then it has to have a couple of dynamic elements as well. So, things like lights, a water feature, moving elements, fireworks, fog, that sort of thing," Power described. She can't say exactly what features their cake will have, adding you'll have to tune in to see.
Competitors bake for five hours, decorate for five hours, and when it's all said and done, the judges taste the cake and declare a winner at the end of the episode.
The bakers are feeling momentum building up to the show premiere; Power added they'd noticed an increase in business since announcing a few weeks ago that they were going to be part of the show.
"We hope to just kind of keep building off of that, and our customers have been super excited. They love coming in and just telling us how much they're looking forward to seeing this show as well."
The episode will air on Sept. 27 at 6 p.m.