Work from local artists will be on full display in Sherwood Park next month. 

11 artists from the Sherwood Park and Edmonton areas will be featured in Gallery@501in their 'Around You / Near You: Shaped in the Studio' exhibition. 

"We're really excited to discover the work of these 11 artists," said Kris Miller, the gallery curator. "We have partnered with three community organizations, and we came together to collaborate on putting on a show to celebrate the talent these artists have." 

Those three organizations are the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. the Robin Hood Association, and the Winder Inclusive Communities Service.

The artists involved are: 

  • Elias Abada
  • Ken Ambler 
  • Shane Boyce
  • Kim Casarin
  • Bob Jamieson
  • Logan Jans
  • Jordan Kucy
  • Braden Lucier 
  • Linda Pecknold
  • André Plamondon 
  • Laura Traverse 

Each of these artists worked in the studio together, learning from each other and inspiring the work that will be featured in the exhibit. 

"Visitors are going to be excited when they walk through the door," said Miller. "The exhibit features paintings, drawings, fibre and ceramic sculptures, there's even some digital artwork and mixed media." 

"There is something for everyone."

The exhibit is set to open next Friday (Feb. 3) with a special opening reception being held on February 9. Admission to see the exhibit will be free until it finishes its run on March 3. 

"Our mission is to support, inspire, and grow a love of the arts while providing a welcoming space for all," said Miller. "We value having a space where exhibits like this can really reflect the voices and perspectives of artists in our community and region."