A local artist has created a beautiful work of art for an Edmonton brewery during the city’s annual Mural Massive festival. 

Meghan MacMillan, 38, was born and raised in Fort Saskatchewan. She says that her passion to be an artist dates back quite a long way. 

“I first decided to be an artist when I was six years old,” laughed MacMillan. “When I finished high school I went to art school because that was the only thing I could see myself doing and it’s still the only thing I can see myself doing.” 

 “I have a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Alberta that I got 15 years ago and I’ve been working in the industry ever since.” 

Her latest work of art can be seen at Longroof Brewing in Edmonton. It is a colourful 8x8 temporary mural that depicts an abstracted landscape inspired by a sunset. 

MacMillan describes some of the thought process behind the work of art. 

“I usually abstract but this was something that kinda came to me,” said MacMillan. “I find that landscapes can be really easy to abstract because all you really need is a horizon line and you can do whatever above and below it.” 

The mural won’t be a permanent staple. The brewery is planning on selling it, with the proceeds going to MacMillan for her work. Before it sells, it should be available to be viewed at the brewery. 

Folks in Fort Saskatchewan might be familiar with MacMillan’s previous work. She describes some of her projects that are displayed around the community. 

“In the Families First building there is a donor tree that I painted,” said MacMillan. “I also did a mural for a private house that was a very tropical landscape.” 

“I am always looking for opportunities to add colour to a business, a home, or anywhere.” 

This was MacMillan’s second time participating in the Mural Massive festival. Last year she collaborated with another artist for a mural on the side of Ritchie Community League building.