A Sherwood Park actor played a part in a movie that won an Oscar over the weekend. 

18-year-old Kate Hallett starred as 'Autje' in 2022's Women Talking directed by Sarah Polley, who was awarded the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay on Sunday (Mar. 12) night. 

"I am just thrilled that this a recognition that our whole film is getting," said Polley. "This feels like it's for this amazing collective group of people who brought a lot of their lived experience to this film." 

Hallett was part of an incredibly talented ensemble cast that included the likes of Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, Rooney Mara, and Frances McDormand. 

Those interested in watching the film should take note that Hallett also serves as the narrator in the story. 

The movie was also up for the Academy Award for Best Picture but lost out to the immensely popular Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. 

This was Hallett's debut as a professional actor.