The U of S Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence at Clavet is preparing for its 2nd Annual Summer Field Day.

Some details around pandemic protocols are still being worked out, but this year's event is set for July 20th.

Director Dr. Scott Wright says last year’s field day was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s time to get back to business.

"The field day is our opportunity to re-start our outreach and re-engage with people and, frankly, to get a flow of information from them on what they see is important and where they see the opportunities lie."

The day will begin with a panel discussion with Cynthia Beck, Anne Wasko, and Wright discussing issues around getting back to business  - with a focus on mental health, an eye to the future of the markets, and an outlook on livestock and forage science.

More information on the day's activities can be found on the U of S Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence website.