A new feature has been introduced at the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library.

They installed Fort Saskatchewan's first interactive floor projector, set up in the children's area. The new projector comes preloaded with over 50 interactive games, including "Awesome Soccer", "Herd the Cows", and "Snowflake Scatter", all aimed at promoting movement and play. The library will change the games around every few months to keep them fresh and new.

"As we prepare for Physical Literacy Month in February, children and adults of all ages will have so much fun staying active with the variety of games. It's a wonderful addition to our library and for our community," said library director Michele Fedyk.

The projector cost around $7,500 and was paid for by a sponsorship with Aux Sables.

"This pandemic has been very challenging, and it's very gratifying to accomplish some of the goals that we did set out at the beginning of the year," Fedyk added. "I really think this is something to be proud of that we managed to accomplish, a huge goal that required a lot of coordination and a lot of planning and partnership."

People have been able to use the projector for a few weeks now, and according to Fedyk, it has been very well received. 

Two people standing on the interactive floor projector, playing a game.There are over 50 games people can play on the interactive floor projector. Photo supplied.