The cost of lettuce has been rising recently due to a shortage. 

This has been affecting restaurants and grocery stores all over the country, including in Fort Saskatchewan.

Sylvia Benoit, who works at The Atlantic Kitchen in downtown Fort Saskatchewan, says that the cost has affected them in more ways than one.

"We use our lettuce for our caesar salad, garden salad, burgers, and taco salad," Benoit said. "A lot of that stuff we do run on [Skip the Dishes], but we've had to take it off and just keep in the house."

Other than removing items off Skip, some restaurants have had to raise their prices to make up for inflation, and some even had to take lettuce off their menus entirely.

"We used to be able to get a nice head of lettuce for a dollar fifty, and now you're paying six or seven dollars." 

The shortage has to do with California, the supplier of 70 per cent of Canada's lettuce, undergoing a wide array of problems growing the vegetable, including an outbreak of viruses among crops and dangerous heatwaves. 

With higher-than-usual inflation rates affecting most of the country, that has caused the prices to skyrocket even more. 

As a result, a single head of iceberg lettuce can cost up to five dollars in some grocery stores.