Lamont County resident Terry Eleniak has been given the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Award.

According to a post by the Lamont County Facebook page, Eleniak received the award "for his exemplary volunteerism and positive impacts."

Eleniak has always held a close relationship with the county.

"My great-grandfather was the first Ukrainian ever to come to Canada," Eleniak said. "I'm currently homesteading within the proximity of the original homestead."

Eleniak's homesteading stems from his love for agriculture that he discovered at a young age.

"Anything that pertained to farming and being outside, that's been my passion."

Eleniak earned a degree in agriculture from Lakeland College. In 1988 he started as a summer student for Lamont County.

"I was doing something right, as I'm still here as management of the agriculture department for the county."

As Eleniak rose through the ranks, he also participated in several volunteer opportunities.

"I'm also the president of the Lamont and District Agricultural Society. In 2020 I was awarded the outstanding supporter of agriculture within the province, not just within Lamont County."

Eleniak has also helped out with Lamont's parish, and even something as small as helping his neighbours in need.

"Maybe it was just how I was brought up and the culture I believe in. Sometimes you don't have to take money in trade. Sometimes services go a long way."

Eleniak found out he received the platinum jubilee through the mail. He was told he had been nominated by his peers and had to confirm his identity.

Afterward, they held the ceremony where he was handed the award.

Eleniak says that he plans to keep doing what he does best.

"I keep on challenging myself to become more of the ambassador of Lamont County, but most importantly the ambassador of agriculture."

Eleniak is one of 7,000 Albertans who were awarded the platinum jubilee this year.