Lamont County has renamed three roads to honour the original Ukrainian settlers of the area. 

County resident Lorraine Pullishy-Aas advocated to council to have the roads renamed; after reviewing her application, they confirmed that all the policies needed to make the changes were approved.

“To me, the roots of our family and Ukrainian culture are very important to maintain,” said Pullishy-Aas. 

The following roads have been renamed:

  • Township Road 564 (from Range Road 831 to 192) renamed to Myhailo Pullishy Road 
  • Range Road 192 (from Township Road 564 to 562) renamed to Wasyl Feniak Road
  • Township Road 562 (from Range Road 831 to 192) renamed to Iwan Pylypow Road

During Pullishy-Aas’s presentation to council, she brought forth many items of Ukrainian heritage. An embroidered blouse, bread, candle and wheat were among the items shown to signify the importance of the history and culture. 

“We are very grateful for the original pioneers who came to this country and this area to settle,” said Lamont County reeve, David Diduck. “Their original efforts can be traced back to why we are the Cradle of Ukrainian Settlement.”

Currently, the County is taking steps to add the new signage and educate people on the name change.

Applicants are responsible for signage costs, and the new names will appear below current official road signage, as per county policy.