Some exciting things are happening in Lamont County.
On Nov. 9, the county announced it had received a 29.2-acre parcel of land from Inter Pipeline Ltd. (IPL). 
The county and the company have had several discussions in the past regarding industrial development within the area, but the need for processed water was always a sticking point in conversations between the two as access wasn't previously available.
"They (IPL) indicated that they have an ideal location for an intake spot for processed water from the North Saskatchewan River, and because of the close relationship that we've developed and have with IPL and them wanting to have potential access to processed water for future developments, they decided to donate the land to Lamont County," explained county reeve David Diduck.  
The county now has an application to apply for a water intake license. If approved, it will grant the county the ability to provide processed water to businesses in the Industrial Heartland. Processed water is different from potable (drinking) water and is required for many industrial operations.  
"The big advantage of having water to allow for businesses to invest here is it would allow for the obvious reasons – long term is added tax dollars to the county because of increased assessment. But in the interim, there's also the creation of construction jobs, and there would also be the creation of permanent jobs." 
Diduick added the water access would be available to all businesses operating throughout the county.  Currently, IPL runs a transportation line across the property, and agreements are in place for this to continue.
In a release, Lamont County said they are "very appreciative" of this donation and the opportunity to work with industry on the future opportunities access to processed water creates.