On Thursday (Jun. 23), the Town of Lamont held a special event to honour six centenarians at the Lamont Healthcare Centre.

The five living centenarians gathered for an evening of praise, celebration and cake. 

Also in attendance was mayor Kirk Perrin, several family members and an RCMP officer to congratulate the six women.

"Six amazing [people] who have made a lasting legacy and impact on our community. Each person reflects the compassion, patience and just plain commitment that makes our town a place people want to call home," said Perrin.

The Town of Lamont planted six trees in a park near the healthcare centre to honour the impact each of the centenarians has had. 

"The tree symbolizes the importance of community and connectedness. They contribute to the beautification of our community's outdoor space and embody our town's togetherness. A fitting tribute to persons who have helped make this community what it is today," added Perrin.

The six honoured centenarians are:

Polly Pewarchuk - 99-years-old

Pewarchuk was born in Smoky Lake and moved to Lamont with her husband, a farmer, after they married in 1944. 

She reads every day and likes to tune into the news. Pewarchuk has four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Her hobbies include gardening and crossword puzzles. 

The 99-year-old had a fall recently, which broke her pelvis, but she is already back up and walking again with her walker.

"My mom is a very positive person, a jolly person. She loves jokes, and she loves to have fun with people," said her daughter Mae Adamyk.

Jessie Saruk - 100-years-old

Saruk has lived in Lamont her entire life. Her passion is teaching, as she was an elementary school teacher in the area for about 45 years.

Her grandson and daughter were in attendance to watch her accept the certificate. 

Also, fellow centenarian, Patience May MacArthur's children were there and greeted Saruk — she was their Grade 3 teacher. 

Tillie Lazowski - 99-years-old (two days shy of 100).

Unfortunately, Lazowski recently passed away, but she was still honoured at the celebration. 

Tillie worked on a farm in Mundare and at the hospital. She was the youngest of eight sisters.

Her nephew David Kucherawy was in attendance to accept her certificate.

Rose Strobl - 100-years-old

Rose Strobl has lived in Lamont for the majority of her life.

"She has worked hard all of her life, and she has been involved in the town for 75 years," added her daughter Judy Doree.

Strobl was very grateful to be recognized.

"I thank my family, my church, my hospital and then my community. I thank you all."

Olga Koroluk - 102-years-old

Olga is described as “a very happy and funny woman.”

Born in Chipman, she explained that when she was young, she often came to Lamont.

She was delighted to see the RCMP officer and the police car at the centenarian celebration.

"It would be great for [people] to see the police with me. They'll think, what happened?" joked Koroluk.

Patience May MacArthur - 100 years old.

Patience May is very resilient. She has survived smallpox and COVID-19. 

In attendance at the event were her son Bruce MacArthur and two daughters, Karen MacArthur and Jan Degen. 

"I don't think she had lots of chances in her life to get honoured, and so she knows this is about her, and it's nice for her to have that," said her daughter Karen. 

Degen was delighted at how many people she got to celebrate with.

"It's really special because I know all of these people, they have a contact in my life. It's not just about my mom, it's about the whole community, and I got hugs because you actually have this personal connection. I'm really loving this," explained Degen.

After the celebration concluded, it was time for the centenarians to eat dinner and mingle together.