Keyera is giving updates on their projects in Alberta's Industrial Heartland.

Vice President of Operations for Liquids Business Unit, Jarrod Beztilny says the luncheon last week was great opportunity to come together.  Beztilny continues "one of my other roles is Vice-Chair of North East Capital Industrial Association so I've had the opportunity to work with those involved in Alberta's Industrial Heartland."  "I'm really pleased with how it's coming together, the level of collaboration between existing municipalities and industry."

Significant growth in the last five years for their Fort Saskatchewan facility according to Keyera. Vice President of Operations for Liquids Business Unit, Jarrod Beztilny says between them and partners they've spent close 6-hundred-million-dollars, tripling the size of the processing facility and adding additional storage caverns. "this year in particular, the focus is on completing their fractionation expansion, the third part in the tripling of the plant scheduled to be completed and commissioned mid-year, permanent staff were hired last year so they could be trained and ready, this year there are still going to be more permanent jobs at the site.  Beztilny adds in a three year span they've doubled permanent staff on site.

Keyera's Josephburg facility is in operation.  Beztilny says there is additional land on site. "brand new site right on the border of the City of Fort Saskatchewan and Strathcona County, supporting around 10 people, construction went really well and looking to grow it."  Beztilny notes they were careful when assembling so future growth won't mean equipment has to be moved.