Kendra Ball will be running for mayor of Gibbons.
Ball has lived in Gibbons for over 10 years, but her family has been rooted in the community for much longer -- her grandfather lived in the area before it was a town.
She owns a soap business and runs the site 'Gibbons Helping Each Other', which was started during the pandemic to help get basic necessities to residents who were self-isolating.
Ball told MIX 107 it was her interactions with the town council during her work in the community that led her to the decision to run for mayor.
"I started looking into the financials of the town and went for meetings with them, which I recorded. Just the way that they spoke to residents, people who pay their taxes, it isn't professional. I just think that my community deserves a lot better," she explained.
On top of conduct, some of the issues Ball wants to address include more advocation for widening Highway 28A, improving the accommodations and funding for local sports, and installing cameras at cemeteries, parks, the skatepark and the entrance of Gibbons to cut down crime and vandalism.
"I think my bigger objective is just to rewrite the definition and the stigma of what a politician is. Turn it into something new so that politicians aren't under the umbrella of a car salesman," she said.
Ball believes her knowledge as a business owner; budgeting, managing and strategizing, are strengths she will be bringing to the table.
She added that she cares deeply for the community and will do what she can to make it better.
"There'll be more accountability and I think that's what people want to see in their community, as someone who actually cares," Ball said. "I think that I'm everything that represents Gibbons."
The election is on Oct.18.