Canada Post is helping keep its employees safe. 
They recently sent out an advisory to dog owners to keep canines inside when employees come around. 
“Sometimes [mail carriers] will put something on the doorstep. If somebody is opening up the door, we want to make sure that there are no dogs that are going to come running out at them. We want to make sure our carriers are being safe,” said Crystal Nelson, the acting supervisor for Canada Post in Fort Saskatchewan. 
As the weather warms up and schools go on summer break, more customers — and their children — are home during the day. Canada Post advises owners not to open the door during deliveries or allow their dogs to approach mail carriers while outside.  
"As much as we love our canine pets, they protect their home and their family and delivery agents can’t know how any dog will react when they approach your home to deliver the mail. Dog incidents can range from encounters with threatening dogs to being attacked and bitten."
Canada Post employees deliver to millions of homes across Canada and an estimated 36 per cent of these households have dogs. 
Nelson asks customers to give mail carriers more than two metres of space when they see them at the door, the community mailbox, the apartment mailroom or anywhere else.