With the end of school also comes the end of school zones in Fort Saskatchewan. 

As summer heats up and more kids are out and about, the city urges drivers to pay attention to times when playground zones are in effect.

School zones only take effect when school is in session. However, playground zones are in effect year-round, daily from 8:30 a.m. until one hour after sunset.  

Fort Saskatchewan municipal enforcement supervisor Lee Hardman shared some tips regarding road safety this season as kids hit the streets for the first time since the pandemic.

“Avoid distractions that can reduce your driving performance and your awareness. Reduce your speed when driving anywhere where children may be playing and park at least five metres from crosswalks or intersections,” said Hardman.

“This will allow pedestrians and drivers to see each other when pedestrians are crossing the street.”

Hardman noted that officers are constantly monitoring the city’s school and playground zones and that residents comply fairly well with the speed limits.  

“We want to remind parents as well; remind your children to cross the street at crosswalks and always stop to look both ways and make eye contact with drivers before crossing the road.” 

School zones will come back into effect once classes resume on Aug. 30.