John Wetterstrand has thrown his hat in the ring for the federal election.
Though living in the Edmonton area, he was picked as the Peoples Party of Canada's (PPC) candidate for Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan.
Wetterstrand is a small business owner with a background in economics. He is also a former Conservative Party member, helping Rachael Harder's campaign in 2015, the current MP for Lethbridge.
However, he feels the Conservative Party is no longer hitting the heart of his principles and that the PPC are better advocating for what he believes in.
"The fundamental principles of limiting government, less heavy-handed and wide-sweeping policy, and advocating or free market," he explained. "I saw that the People's Party was fighting for those things, and I wanted to be a part of it."
A trend that concerns Wetterstrand is the federal government using corporate subsidies that create red tape and tip the tables against small businesses. He also is against policies like vaccine mandates or passports and any other policies that harm Canadian's ability to choose for themselves.
If elected, Wetterstrand wants to better advocate for conservative values and principles.
"I believe that Canadians are resilient and intelligent people, and they have the ability to make their own decisions. I just don't support the idea of using government power to override people's decision-making power."
He believes his experience in economics and history as a small business owner are some of his biggest strengths and makes him a good representative for the region.
"I'm a husband and a father, so I've got strong family values, and I want to be able to represent the families that are in this riding too. I think that's important."
Wetterstrand concluded by encouraging residents to think about where their values lie and break the habit of casting ballots the same way as always.
The federal election is on Sept.20.