Today marks the long-anticipated start of the 2022 NHL Playoffs. Sixteen teams will be battling it out for the glory of becoming Stanley Cup Champions.

I am a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan and have a huge passion for the game of hockey. This year, my Christmas present was to attend the Oil vs Leafs game, and I am so grateful Santa was on my side for that one! This year I foresee very physical games from every round.

Today, I filled out a hockey pool at work, hoping that it turns out better than my mess of a fantasy league I signed up for back in the fall. I didn’t think it was possible to have that few points in the regular season!

Despite the curse that seems to follow the Toronto Maple Leafs, I predict they will make it to the cup final against the powerhouse Colorado Avalanche. Sometimes, you just have to leave your faith up to the boys on the ice and hope for the best!

What teams do you think will faceoff for the coveted cup final?

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- Hannah Cronin