Two patrons recounted an armed robbery at the Brant Hotel on Wednesday night (Apr. 13)

Justin Olson and Dexter Mckale were playing pool and finishing their drinks when the incident started to unravel.

"We had spent our last loonie on pool and the next you know 'boom' just a big shot," said Olson.

Olson recounted the shot initially sounding like a loud party popper. 

"One shot went off. I saw a guy behind the bar with a shotgun screaming at everyone."

The man threatened to shoot others in the bar while yelling for the bar's cash. Olson and Mckale hid behind a pole while others also ran for cover. 

"It happened so fast," said Mckale.

At some point, there was another shot towards a patron — the suspect then took off.

"[Surprisingly] that guy seemed fine," Mckale added. "He was laying on the ground."

Olson and Mckale said there was a small amount of blood where he was laying when they asked the bar staff if they could help in any way.

Police arrived within minutes of the incident as did the ambulance before Olson and Mckale went home. 

The two remembered the suspect being stocky and wearing a camo-coloured mask — Mounties were reportedly searching the area for the suspect's vehicle. 

The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP is looking for other witnesses and a vehicle in the armed robbery