With Spring just around the corner, will the weather catch up before the season starts?

According to our forecast, we'll see daytime highs in the positives for the next week, with temperatures dipping into the negatives overnight.

The warmest days are tonight and next Thursday (Mar. 23), which are both expected to hit a high of plus 6.

As for the coldest, that will be on Sunday (Mar. 19) with a low of minus 12 overnight. Although tonight has only a low of minus 9, the wind chill will feel closer to minus 12.

Janelle Gergely, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said that these temperatures aren't unusual.

"The high for this time of year is around plus 3, and the low is around minus 6," said Gergely. "So, we're actually sitting right around normal this weekend and going into next week."

Although the days will be warm, the constant temperature changes from positives to negatives are the perfect recipe for ice to form.

"The mornings are going to be quite icy," said Gergely. "So just be cautious when you're getting out in the morning."

Unfortunately, it's too early to tell if this marks the end of the winter.

"Statistically, March is actually the second snowiest month for the Edmonton area. We don't see any snow or precipitation in the next seven days, however, there is still a chance we'll see something by the end of the month."

Even if there's no snow for the rest of the month, it's not uncommon for snow to fall in April or even May.