With a provincial election right around the corner, will Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville's current MLA be on the ballot? 

Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk has been the MLA in the district since 2019 and has had her fair share of ups and downs in the position. 

Armstrong-Homeniuk started her first term by successfully flipping the district toward the UCP after four years under the NDP. The 2019 election saw her gather 53.3% of the vote to defeat incumbent Jessica Littlewood. 

From there she was named the associate minister for the status of women before a cabinet reshuffle in 2022 moved Armstrong-Homeniuk into the role of parliamentary secretary for Ukrainian refugee settlement. 

She intends to stick around for the next election. 

"I am excited to be running in the May election," said Armstrong-Homeniuk. "I am the nominated candidate for the United Conservative Party for Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville." 

The province has been experiencing quite an intense few years, with COVID and high inflation wreaking havoc on Albertans. Armstrong-Homeniuk believes the UCP government has navigated these difficult circumstances as best as it could. 

"Our government has led us through hard and unexpected times in the past few years and I'm proud of all the work this government has done." 

One of the areas that she highlighted was the recent Alberta budget, the first with Danielle Smith in the premier's chair. 

"We have a forecasted surplus of $2.4 billion and an economy poised to lead the country in economic growth," said Armstrong-Homeniuk. "This is an opportunity for the government to invest in Alberta's future." 

Perhaps the most contentious moment during Armstrong-Homeniuk's tenure came last summer when a controversial essay was given an award by a judging panel led by her. 

The Alberta NDP has yet to name a candidate for the district. 

The election is set for May 29.