Mix 107's own Clayton Brad hosted an event Thursday afternoon at Fort Saskatchewan City Hall to make the community aware of the contributions of people with disabilities.

Clayton uses a wheelchair as he has a similar condition to Muscular Dystrophy and says he's thankful his co-workers and people at the hospital where he volunteers twice a week agreed to be interviewed.

Brad put their quotes and pictures on a poster about accessibility and empowerment of people of all abilities.

Val Gabert with EmployAbilities says Clayton worked hard including on research, phoning officials, phoning for refreshments and donations.

24 people were in attendance while the Mayor signed a proclamation for International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Mayor Gale Katchur says "it's about recognizing persons with disabilities as we all have to make an effort to realize the abilities and contributions that can be made within our communities."  Katchur adds "everyone has the ability to do something as long as we're willing to give them that opportunity."