One of the heartland's largest companies is leading the way in safety.
According to Bernard Perron, senior vice president of Inter Pipeline's (IPL) projects and operations services, the company only had one medical assist report in 2019, in an astounding 2.9-million working hours.
"We had zero lost time incidents," Perron told a crowd of over 1000 people at Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association's 2020 Annual Stakeholder Event. "The whole safety program is around the fact that we care. If you can demonstrate to everyone in the organization that as leaders you care, people in the field will turn around and care for each other."
So far, the massive $3.5-billion project has directly worked with around 150 Alberta-based companies to help get their plant off the ground.
Inter Pipeline will be the first integrated propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene complex in Canada.
As of Sept.30 (2019), IPL's complex was over halfway complete, with a goal in mind of being fully operational in late-2021.
"We still have almost two years to go and we're working really hard to make sure that people are staying safe on site," added Perron.
When fully operational, Inter Pipeline will support around 200 full-time jobs in the region.