Women from different enterprises were on hand at Staples for International Women's Day.
Local entrepreneurs showed their dedication and passion at Wednesday's (Mar 8) Women in Business Showcase.
A local nutritional consultant with The Meals Maven, Stacy Westman claims her motivation for becoming an entrepreneur was seeing mothers who are overbooked and busy, struggling to eat healthy.
"You just need to find your passion and find your voice. Once you have it, working is more of a pleasure and you start enjoying work," said Westman. "I think strategic partnership is the way that the future for the majority of businesses, they're going to work together."
In her opinion, women in the workforce have a secret weapon when it comes to working, as they tend to have more comradery with other business owners.
For local author Pauline Gordon, the idea to become a writer and entrepreneur came to her in a dream, so she decided to explore her talent and see where it would take her.
Gordon now has two books published in the The Adventures of the Droplet Twins series and plans to release another one soon.
"If you have a story, write it and it can be not just a story, it can be like (Stacy Westman) she's got a story of what she has put together," said Gordon.
International Women's Day is recognized each year on March 8. It is not affiliated with any group, but brings together women in organizations, businesses and charities.