With the warm weather and melting and freezing of snow the City of Fort Saskatchewan Municipal Enforcement want to remind residents to keep their sidewalks clear of ice and snow to prevent slips and falls. While most people are enjoying the mild winter, the icy streets and sidewalks cause by freezing rain or the freeze thaw cycle of snow is a hazard to everyone. According to Bylaw C4-10, snow and ice must be cleared from residential sidewalks within 48 hours of a snowfall or at the time ice is formed. According to Sergeant Ed Barden, Municipal Enforcement Services Supervisor “Everyone can do their part to keep the community safe for pedestrians.”

Sergeant Ed Barden wants to remind residents that " When the sidewalk in front of your house is icy and slippery, it poses a danger to your family, your neighbors, postal and newspaper delivery people, and the general public. Municipal Enforcement officers are conducting regular patrols now to check that our sidewalks are clear and safe." Barden also said that they will not be going looking to hand out tickets, but more work with residents to fix the problem. Failure to remove snow and ice within this time period may result in a $100 fine. Sergeant Barden adds that placing snow and ice on the roadway, city property, or your neighbors private property is also against the Bylaw.

Residents who have any questions or concerns about icy sidewalks can call Municipal Enforcement at 780-997-7930.