Sian Mcgarva was named the valedictorian for St. André Bessette Catholic High School’s graduating class of 2022.

Finishing up the year with around a 96 per cent average in her classes, Mcgarva said she was flattered to receive the news that she would be the valedictorian. 

“I just really like learning about new things. I find a lot of things I learn in school super interesting, so that definitely helps me [get] motivated to do work for it because I do find it really interesting, and it’s something I am passionate about,” explained Sian Mcgrava. 

During her time at St. André Bessette Catholic High School, she also played volleyball, basketball and joined the track and field team.

“You should be able to have some balance between school and your outside life.”

Mcgarva plans to attend the University of Alberta in the fall to explore what the general sciences program has to offer. She has expressed interest in eventually moving into a research position.  

She shared some advice for future graduates.

“You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice everything as long as you put in the work.”