A Bruderheim resident has been given a role the town can be proud of. 
Dennis Tomuschat is the director of infrastructure services for the Town of Bruderheim. He was also recently appointed chair of the Alberta Water and Wastewater Operations Association (AWWOA).
"I moved myself up based on the board's recommendations and I'm very humbled to be part of that. It plays a big role in advocating proper environmental practices within water and wastewater while it also educates the public on exactly what we do." 
The AWWOA was established in 1976 and is a member-run organization that provides training and resources to utility system operators in the province. Tomuschat hopes with his new position, he'll be able to bring the benefits that come with being chair to the town. 
"It puts Bruderheim on the map, if you will. [I hope to] network throughout the province with a variety of stakeholders. I can bring that back to Bruderheim and hopefully benefit the community." 
Tomuschat also mentioned the town's chief administrative officer (CAO) and council have been behind him every step of the way.  
"The CAO and my council in Bruderheim have been 110 per cent in support of this. I think without them, I wouldn't be able to do it. They're very supportive." 
He added he is most looking forward to getting "back to basics" once in-person conferences and networking opportunities become possible again.