After missing for nearly a week, two dogs have returned home.
Tofield resident Eleah Sims realized her two Siberian huskies — a black a white dog named Nala and a brown and white one named Lola — were missing Monday afternoon (Jan.18). She said, after owning them for four years, they had never done anything like this before.
The first sighting of her dogs was in Lamont County. Then, after talking to MIX 107 to help spread the word about her missing huskies, another sighting was reported in Elk Island National Park.
Saturday morning (Jan.23) at around 8:30 a.m., two women who had heard about the missing dogs spotted Lola on Highway 14 by Lindbrook. They pulled over and were able to get the dog into their vehicle.
"She had crouched down to give her some crackers and I guess Lola came and jumped right into her arm," said Sims.
One of the women owned a kennel, Paws A While Boarding Kennel, which they took Lola to before calling Sims. When Sims arrived, she saw her dog had been fed and taken care of.
Then, at around 3:30 p.m. later that day, Sims' father found Nala on the west perimeter of Elk Island National Park. The husky had an injured back leg but was heathy otherwise.
"I'm so overwhelmed with emotions. I was just so happy to see them, I was thinking the worst by that time because they'd been gone for five days," Sims added. "I'm ever so grateful for everyone who helped."