Residents throughout Fort Saskatchewan have been working together on a community art piece.
Alison Davies has lived in the city for over 20 years. She explained she saw a post online about an area in Edmonton that had made a rock snake for the community, a line of painted rocks, and thought that would be something nice to have in Fort Saskatchewan.
Towards the beginning of May, she picked up some materials to make a sign and laid it and a handful of rocks on one of the trails in the West River's Edge area, near the boat launch. Davies then took to Facebook and let groups in the community know.
"The idea was to have inspirational things or something. Just [something] that people could look at and smile and feel good," Davies explained. "I'm proud of the community that I live in and if I can do something to make it a better place, that's one thing I'm going to do."
Since placing her first rocks, the snake has grown significantly. Davies estimates there are at least 250 rocks in it so far and she was shocked at how talented some of the local artists are.
She's seen teachers talk about having their class paint rocks for the snake and even saw a lady mention leaving a pile of unpainted rocks near the snake so people can grab one, paint it and bring it back.
"It's a good community builder, especially when you see it growing," she said. "There's a lot of initiatives out there and I think it's just amazing to see how such a small idea can bring a community together."