There's a spooky new addition to a popular Halloween stop this year, promising a good fright on a scary night.
Howlleen Manor has added a new aspect to their display this year, and it's bound to gather a few screams.
For 20 years, Don Lawrence has organized the fright-filled display. In 2015, 600 kids stopped by.
"When I was a little kid, the biggest thing was going around town and finding that one house that scared people, they had their haunted thing and you always wanted to go back, it was fun, it was entertaining, the thrill of the scare," explains Lawrence.
This year, Lawrence's display (usually dominating his front yard) has creeped into the neighbour's yard. The first year of the walk-through promises to deliver a good scare with volunteer actors in costumes.
"Something new, a new twist, when we set up, school buses slow down to watch to see what's happening and every year something's different. If it's the same thing every year, they're not going to get scared. You (have to) switch it up."
With his mission of spreading the spirit of Halloween in good fun, Lawrence has spent the last two months setting up this year's display with well over $10,000 in supplies and props. This year, around $3000 was spent on new props to garner as many screams as possible.
For those who think they can brave the walk-through, a simple food bank donation is accepted at the start of the creepy maze. The walk-through is open at 4:30 p.m. for young ghosts and gremlins and depending on demand, closing at 10:00 p.m. for the braver souls.
Howlleen Manor is located at 8413 99 Avenue here in Fort Saskatchewan. You can also find them on Facebook.