Have you ever wondered how much money the average Fort Saskatchewanite makes in a year? 

According to statistics from the 2021 Canadian census, the biggest pay group in Fort Saskatchewan are people who make between $100,000 and $149,999 per year.

According to the census, 2,395 people in Fort Saskatchewan make that much money. This is up from the 2,290 shown in 2016's census.

The second highest pay group is those who make between $20,000 and $29,999 per year, which is 2,365 residents.

With all numbers considered, the average annual income for all Fort Saskatchewan residents is $66,200, which is down almost seven hundred dollars from the data shown in the 2016 census.

As for the smallest pay group, that would be those who make between $90,000 and $99,999 per year. There are less than 1000 people in the city who are in that pay group.

For more interesting statistics on Fort Saskatchewan, you can read the census here.