You could soon be eligible for some extra grocery cash. 

As part of this year's federal budget, the government is planning to include a one-time grocery rebate to help Canadians who are struggling to make ends meet while dealing with high food inflation. 

The following amounts being proposed in the rebate are: 

  • $234 for single Canadians
  • $467 for couples with two kids 
  • $225 for seniors

Eligibility criteria for the rebate have not been released, though it is speculated that people in low-to-middle income brackets will be the target for the money. Usually, this type of criteria would mean people who have a net income of $39,826 or lower, but no confirmation has been made on that number. 

Payments will be made through the Canada Revenue Agency and will be automatically distributed with no application needed. 

The program will cost the federal government a total of $2.5 billion and is expected to be given to about 11 million Canadians. 

The government has said that Canadians can expect the payments as soon as the budget's legislation is passed. No exact date has been given.