It takes more than a few dozen sheep to trim all of the grass on city properties.

The City of Fort Saskatchewan spends approximately $235,000 per year on lawn mowing. In 2021, the city spent $228,000 on grass maintenance.

The budget for mowing varies on how many times the machines are sent out and the projected weather conditions.

“This year, it is a little bit higher because of all of the moisture we’ve had. We have had a very successful growing year.”

Funds for lawn mowing are allocated each year from the parks department's overall operating budget.

One tractor and 14 ride-on mowers are used to go along the highway and the ditches. Twenty-seven staff members look after these services and go out and line trim and weed whack parts of the city as well.

The mowing schedule depends on many factors, but some areas are set to a specific standard.

“We like to keep our sports field at a specific height of grass, which is two and a half inches.”

Hart explained that to maintain these sports fields, they are mowed weekly. As well, city parks are tended to once every 10 days.

If residents are concerned about grass maintenance in the City of Fort Saskatchewan, it can be reported here.