Gas prices are high, but a lot of people are swarming one local fill-up spot to save some money.
People are willing to wait in line at Costco just for a better deal.
The head of petroleum analysis at Gas Buddy, Patrick De Haan, explains that Costco is strategic in having lower prices.
"It's certainly a different price strategy. It really works out for them. Of course, if you go into their stores, that's where their profit margins are better. So for Costco, it's all the strategy of getting people into their stores."
Gas prices are generally anywhere six to 15 cents cheaper per litre. 
"They want to get people in their stores, and that's how they do it. They are willing to accept less margin in exchange for people visiting their stores to stock up."
Another draw to get people in the door includes their low-priced hot dogs and rotisserie chickens.