The risk of house fires is a lot higher during the Christmas season. 

The Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department wants to make sure that you and your family have a safe and festive holiday season. 

Assistant fire chief Jay Parsons gave out some tips on how to stay fire-free this weekend. 

"Some of the bigger ones this year is people moving toward artificial candles or electronic candles versus older traditional candles," said Parsons. "If you do use your candles, please try to put them into low-traffic areas or away from any flammable materials." 

The department has also noticed a trend of people moving toward natural Christmas trees as opposed to artificial trees. 

The most important thing to do with natural trees is to make sure to water them regularly. If you don't, they become a huge liability. 

"A real tree that is watered versus not watered and the timeframe that it can catch fire and burn is quite incredible to watch," said Parson. 

Not overloading extension cords and keeping them out of the way to prevent tripping. 

Lastly, though it may seem appropriate to hang your stockings near the fireplace, it could be dangerous. 

"Please try to avoid having plenty of materials around that fireplace and watch your kids and watch your pets." 

Overall, the fire department wants to make sure the community that they love so much doesn't want to see anybody go through the tragedy of a house fire. 

"Everyone here in Fort Saskatchewan is such a pleasure to be around," said Parsons. "I've been overwhelmed with how great of a community this place is and I'd hate to see anything bad happen to anyone here over the holidays."