It seems like animals in the community haven't been too affected by the colder weather. 

Fort Saskatchewan municipal enforcement's animal services aren't reporting any increases in lost pets or animals in distress. 

Lee Hartman, the supervisor of municipal enforcement for the city, outlines a few of the things that animal services are responsible for. 

"We deal with barking, animals in distress, and animals at large," said Hartman. "If an animal is found at large our officers would attempt to capture and impound the animal." 

"We have chips, look for tattoos, and connect the dog or cat to its owner. If one is not found after 48 to 72 hours, we would bring them to the Edmonton Humane Society or another local rescue." 

With the wind chill plummeting to the -50 C range this past week, the risk of animals freezing outside grew exponentially. Luckily, it doesn't seem that the extreme weather led to an increase in calls. 

"We've been pretty lucky with those types of calls," said Hartman. "[Pets] are at home being well looked after, so it's been good." 

Pet safety throughout the winter months is very important, especially for those with outdoor cats. 

Hartman has a few tips to make sure your furry friends stay safe. 

"Be mindful of the weather outside, if it's too cold for you it will be too cold for your pets," said Hartman.

More information about Fort Saskatchewan's municipal enforcement services can be found here